The following courses and modules are designed to help you easily integrate mobile devices into your current Computer Science Curriculum. Select from six or 12-week courses and/or choose from one of our six plug-in modules to supplement your existing courses.

All courses and modules can be taught at second, third or fourth year level and most include: Lesson Slides, Labs, Tutorials, Quizzes and Assignments.

Mobile Application Development with Java ME and BlackBerry API

Length of Course: 12 Weeks

Introduces students to the special needs required for programming mobile applications with Java ME and BlackBerry API. Students learn the challenges at a technical and business level, and how to overcome them. Some programming experience with Java is required.

Mobile Web-based Application Development

Length of Course: 6 Weeks

Students learn to create web-based mobile applications using markup and scripting languages. Topics covered include: web-based mobile applications, markup languages, form handling and validation, database connectivity, sessions, and AJAX. In addition, you'll learn about BlackBerry Widgets.

Software Engineering

Length of Module: 3 Weeks

Students explore the challenges involved in designing applications for mobile devices and how to overcome them, development processes and models, design patterns, and testing.

Web Services

Length of Module: 3 Weeks

Web services are integral for networking on the Web. Students will be introduced to the concept of web services and how they can help alleviate some of heterogeneity problems that occur in the mobile market.

Game Development

Length of Module: 3 Weeks

Module gives students a greater understanding about how to develop mobile games for various mobile devices while taking into account various hardware restrictions.

Information and Network Security

Length of Module: 3 Weeks

Module focuses on the security of mobile devices — specifically the BlackBerry smartphone, and developing secure mobile applications.

Operating Systems

Length of Module: 3 Weeks

The design and capabilities of a Mobile Operating System is very different than a general purpose OS running on desktop computers. This module covers the following Mobile Operating Systems: Palm, Symbian, Linux, Windows Mobile, BlackBerry, iPhone, and Google Android.

Database Systems (new)

Length of Module: 3 Weeks

This module focuses on databases for mobile devices and gives students a greater understanding about the different models for storing data on mobile devices and how to work with them.